Production of ground support
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Production of ground support
airport equipment

Baggage cart FBC-1500

Baggage cart FBC-1500

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FBC – 1500 baggage cart

FBC – 1500 baggage cart is designed for baggage transportation.

The cart is a steel construct, the basis of which is a steel frame with platform on four wheels. Flooring of the platform – waterproof plywood.

Max loading capacity – 1500 kg.

Platform size – 2400x 1400 mm.

Turn radius – 2200 mm.

Height from the ground level to the floor of the cart - 510 ± 10mm.

Ground clearance - from 170mm.

The platform of the FBC – 1500 baggage cart is equipped with detachable side boards(made of metal pipes), 700 ± 10 mm high. The rear and front boards have height of 800 mm. They also have additional protection - waterproof plywood in the middle and rubber bumpers x in the upper corners.

Due to the swivel front axle and the towbar with the braced finger, the cart is maneuverable and easily overcomes various obstacles on uneven surfaces. 

The parking brake can be activated by rising in the vertical position of the carrier in the vertical position (at 80 ° angle). The durability of hitch allows you to connect to each other for transportation of up to five trucks.

Maximum speed: 25 km / h.

Cart is also provided with light reflecting elements.

Lifting capacity 1500 kg
Cart dimenssinon size 3230(4030)х1410mm
Platform dimenssion size 2400х1400 mm
Rear and frontal board height 800 mm
Side boards height 500 mm
Platform height 510±5 mm
Turning radius 2200 mm
Настил plywood 21 mm
Wheel base 4.00х8 superelastic
Максимальная скорость 25 km/h
Protective covering Hot zink