Production of ground support
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Production of ground support
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Baggage cart FBC-2000-04

Baggage cart FBC-2000-04

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FBC – 2000 – 04 Baggage cart

Baggage cart FBC – 2000 – 04 series, maximum loading capacity – 2 tons.

The cart is a metal construct, the base part of which is steel frame on four supports with wheels.

Cart size:

  • length with driving lever – 4030mm;
  • length with a raised drawbar - 3230mm,
  • width - 1405mm;
  • platform size: 2400 x 1400 mm;
  • height from the ground level to the floor - 520 ± 5mm.

The side boards are made from steel tubes. Side boards can be hinged, they are 500 mm high each.

The front and rear boards are also tubular along the perimeter and reinforce with waterproof plywood in the middle part. The rear and front sides are fixed, 800mm high from the floor of the platform, protected by rubber bumpers at the corners.

The cart is equipped with a tent: the tent can be stretched on rectangular arcs (four U-shaped arcs) along the cart and can be fastened to the outer side of the front and rear boards. Special additional fixing systems are installed for sealing the cart when the tent is closed. The material of the tent is dense, designed for working in winter conditions.

The rear axle of the trolley is rigidly fixed to the frame, the front axle is rotatable. When the driver is rised at 80 °angle, the parking brake acts and the cart can be locked in place.

Due to towbar with a spring-loaded finger design, FBC – 2000 – 04  luggage cart can easely move through various road surfaces.

The tailgate is additionally equipped with a pocket for transportation of accompanying documents.

The protective coating - hot zinc.

Lifting capacity 2000 kg
Cart dimension size 3935(4605)х1730 mm
Platform dimension size 3190х1546 mm
Platform height 535±5 mm
Drive bar length 1165 mm
Turning radius 2675 mm
Wheel base  4.00х8 superelasitk
Max speed 25 km/h
Protective covering hot zink + enamel