Production of ground support
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Production of ground support
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Baggage cart  FBC-2000-03

Baggage cart FBC-2000-03

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FBC – 2000 – 03 baggage cart

FBC – 2000 – 03 baggage cart is designed for of luggage, mail and other piece cargo


The cart is built on the base of steel frame and a platform fixed on four supports with wheels.    

Platform size: 2400x1400mm;

Max loading capacity: 2000 kg;

On all sides, the platform of the FBC – 2000 – 03 cart is surrounded by boards made of steel pipes. The front and back sides are non-slip, reinforced with rubber bumpers. They are made of waterproof plywood to protect the cargo from damage, and are 800mm high. Side boards can be folded to load the cargo, side board height - 500mm.

Cart is equipped with a removable tent, which is stored in a special pocket on the front side of the cart. On the rear board there is a pocket for documents, A4 format.

Platform is made of waterproof, V-shaped, laminated plywood with increased wear resistance. It has a slight slope of four degrees to the longitudinal axis of the trolley for centering the load.

Great maneuverability of the cart is provided by the mechanism of rotation of the front axle, which is made on the bearing assembly of the original design, the rear axle is non-revolving.

The FBC-2000-03 cart has a high stability in the hitch when driving on uneven road surfaces. This is provided by a coupling device, reinforced with a spring-loaded finger.

The parking brake allows the trolley to stop when the carrier is raised at an angle of 80 degrees.

The reliability of the coupling mechanism of this model makes it possible to transport five carts at once.

 The cart is equipped with reflective elements.


Lifting capacity 2000 kg
Cart dimension size 3230(4030)х1410 mm
Platform dimension size 2400х1400 mm
Frontal and rear board height 800 mm
Side board height 500 mm
Platform height 510±5 mm
Turning radius 2200 mm
Floor coating plywood 21 mm
Колеса 4.00х8 superelastic
Max speed 25km/h
Protective covering hot zink