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Production of ground support
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Baggage cart<br/>FCC-2000-04

Baggage cart

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FCC – 2000 – 04 cargo cart

FCC – 2000 – 04 baggage cargo cart is designed for transporting different types of luggage weighing up to 2000 kg.

Cart – van-based carcass on a solid steel frame on four supports with a wheel on each.

Cart size:

length with a driving lever - 4605mm;

width - 1730mm;

height - 2100mm;

Cargo platform size:

length - 3190mm,

width - 1546mm,

height of the supporting working platform, measuring from ground level - 535mm.

Ground clearance - 200mm.

On both sides of the carts van there are sliding doors. The floor of the van is made from metal sheet equipped with an anti-slip surface, designed with an angle of cambering within 174-178 °. The van is equipped with a pocket for documents on the back wall of the rear board.

The roof of the van is gable.

Max towing speed allowed: 20 km / h.

The rear axle of the trolley is fixedly fixed to rubber dampers, which reduces impact loads during transportation. The front axle is rotary.

Cart parking brake can be enacted by rising the driving 80 ° angle.

The design of the towbar with a spring-loaded finger provides strict fixation to allow save movement and transportation of the goods along an uneven surface.

To ensure the safety of the cargo and prevent unauthorized opening, a locking mechanism is provided.

The high level of reliability of the coupling device and the strength of the structure allow connecting up to three trolleys of this model.

The trolley is equipped with safety elements in the corners, providing protection from impacts, as well as reflective elements.

Protective covering of the basic structures - hot zinc.

Lifiting capacity 2000 kg
Cart dimensional size 3935(4605)х1730mm
Platform dimensional size 3190х1546 mm
Platform height 535±5 mm
Cart height 2270±5 mm
Drive bar length 1165 mm
Turning radius 2675 mm
Wheel base 4.00х8 superelastic
Max speed 25 km/h
Protective covering hot zink