Production of ground support
airport equipment

Production of ground support
airport equipment

Baggage cart FBC-2000-05

Baggage cart FBC-2000-05

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FBC – 2000 – 05 Baggage cart

Technical characteristics:

Max loading capacity – 2000 kg;

Platform size – 2400 mm x 1400 mm;

A cart, designed for carrying luggage, as well as technical cargo inside of the airports and air terminals. Does not have a roof.

The side boards of the cart are 1500mm high. They are divided into 2 sections - the lower and upper sections. The lower sections of the side board can be folded down, the upper sections can be folded up.

Platform flooring trolley - waterproof laminated plywood, 21mm thick.

The trolley is equipped with a parking brake, which is brought into the working position with the drawbar lifted.

Special design of coupling devices (towbars and drawbar loops) allows to connect several trolleys at one time, and the cart’s wheels provide a strong grip to the surface of the roads with uneven surfaces.

The front axle is rotary, the rear axle is rigidly fixed to the frame of the trolley.

Maximum speed: 25 km / hour.

Reinforced wheel hub retainer prevents the wheel from falling off when the bearing fails. The bearing unit is designed for heavy duty operation (long travel distance and uneven road surface).    

The frame of the cart  has a protective anticorrosion covering (hot zinc).

Cart is equipped with safety and light-reflecting elements.