Production of ground support
airport equipment

Production of ground support
airport equipment

Service trolley FST -1500

Service trolley FST -1500

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Service cart with tank for fuel and technical liquids

Purpose: Fuel tanks and special liquids container transport, aircraft maintenance (service water drain, refueling, etc. )

Design features:

Liquid container of TC – 1500 is strictly fixed on the mount on the cart bottom platform with a bandage fastening made of steel strips. The TC-1500 is supplied without liquid tank.

Couplings (drawbar loops and towbar) allow transport of trolleys in the coupler.

The design with a spring-loaded finger eliminates the possibility of spontaneous uncoupling of bogies during driving.

The parking brake is activated by raising drawbar.

The cart is equipped with light reflecting elements and safety bumpers. The front wheel axle is on the swivel bearing, the rear wheel pair on the axle is rigidly fixed to the frame.

A reliable wheel hub fixing design prevents the wheel from falling out of the bearing standing. The structural features of the bearing unit provide for the operation of the trolley in harsh conditions (long distance travel and uneven surface movement).

All metal parts of the cart have protective anti-corrosive cover layer (hot-zinc metal covering).

Lifting capacity 1500 kg
Length with drive bar 3640±20 mm
Cart width 1210mm
Height with barrel tank 1335 mm
Height without tank 945 mm
Platform height 520±5 mm
Wheel base 4.00-8 superelastic
Максимальная скорость 25 km/h
Protective covering Hot zink