Production of ground support
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Production of ground support
airport equipment

Service trolley FBS 1500-01

Service trolley FBS 1500-01

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Service trolley FBS-1500

Characteristics and purpose:

  • Transportation of electric tractors ET 508 type.
  • Overall platform dimensions - 2200х1480mm.
  • Maximum carrying capacity - 1500 kg (1.5 tons)

Design features:

The trolley is a steel frame with a platform on 4 wheels. Transport compartment of FBS-1500 service trolley is surrounded by frame type side skirts. The design of wheel stops and the frame itself 100% excludes the possibility of tipping the trolley at one side at half load. On four sides it is equipped with boards. Frontal board and sides are 500 mm high. Rear side (rear ramp) - hinged, is 750 mm high.

Floor and rear ramp of the trolley are protected by expanded-drawn steel sheet.

The trolley is equipped with a parking brake when the drawbar is raised.

Safety and light-reflecting elements are installed on the trolley.

The front axle is swivel, the rear axle is rigidly fixed to the frame.

Wheels 4.00-8 - superelastic; the load per wheel is 750 kg.

The design of fixing the wheel hub is such that it prevents the wheel from falling off when the bearing fails.

The design of the bearing unit is designed for heavy duty operation (long travel distance and uneven coating).

The trolley is equipped with a hand winch mounted on the front of the trolley with a pulling force of 900 kg.

The trolley is equipped with stop blocks.

Protective covering - hot zinc and enamel - 2 layers.

The trolley is equipped with a parking brake, which is activated when the drivebar is raised in an upright position (80 °).

Lifting capacity 1500 kg
Platform inner size 2000х1200 mm
Frontal and rear board height 300÷500 mm
Height from ground to flooring bottom 150÷200 mm
Rear board (rear ramp) flap
Cart flooring and rear ramp expanded metal net
Wheel base 4.00-8 superelastic
Hand winch with pulling force 900 kg