Production of ground support
airport equipment

Production of ground support
airport equipment

Container dolly FCD 2500

Container dolly FCD 2500

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FCD-2500 container dolly

FCD-2500 container dolly is designed for the transportation of LD-1, LD-2, LD-3, LD-4 and LD-8 in closed areas (airports, airfields, etc.)

Max-loading capacity – 2500 kg;

The trolley is build up on two frames: lower and upper. Lower frame is fixed on four wheel bearings, the upper frame, with the rollers, is swivel and fixed to the bottom by a turntable of f650mm, with supporting polyamide rollers.

Platform size: 2800 x 1710 mm;

  • Maximum movement speed: 25 km/h;
  • Frontal axel – swivel, on turntable base ( 500 mm diameter) Rear axle – fixed to the frame.
  • wheels – 4.00-8 – superelastic;
  • On the swivel frame there are 28 rollers with bearings, 180204 series (2pcs per roller).

               The trolley is equipped with a parking brake to immobilize the trolley when the drivebar is raised in a vertical position (80 ° ± 1 °).

A towbar with a spring-loaded finger ensures a reliable connection of FCD-2500 trolleys, providing great maneuverability during movement.

A durable bearing assembly provides steady movement over uneven surfaces, while traveling on a long distance.

The design of the hub excludes the possibility of the wheel falling  during transportation in case of wearing of the bearing assembly .

The trolley is equipped with safety elements in the corners, providing protection from impacts, as well as light reflecting elements.


Lifting capacity 2500 kg
Cart dimensional size 3715(4300)х1710 mm
Turning platform dimensional size 2800х1710 mm
Total rollers 28pcs.
Roller diameter Ø57mm
Containers allowed to trasnport LD-1 / LD-2 / LD-3 / LD-4 / LD-8
Wheel base 4.00х8 superelastic
Max speed 25 km/h
Protective covering Hot zink