Production of ground support
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Production of ground support
airport equipment

Container Dolly FCD-1500

Container Dolly FCD-1500

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Container dolly FCD-1500.

FCD – 1500 Container dolly  is designed for transporting of containers LD-1, LD-2, LD-3 (with separete latching for each container)

The structure of the FCD – 1500 dolly is built on two frames -  a lower metal frame, which lies on four supports, and an upper swivel frame with rollers assembly - 24 pieces with bearings.

The front axle of the trolley is swivel, the rear axle is fixed on the lower frame.

Wheels 4.00-8 - superelastic.

FDC-1500 dolly size:

  • length - 3458mm,
  • width - 1735mm.

FDC-1500 platform size:

  • length - 1810mm,
  • width - 1735mm.

     Maximum movement speed: 25 km/h;

Parking brake can be enacted by rising the drawbar

The towbar, equipped with a spring-loaded finger,provides strict coupling and ensures safe transportation of cargo when connecting several trucks together.

The wheel hub fixating mechanism is designed in special way to provide protection from wheel falling off in case of damaging the bearing.

The bearing assembly is wear-resistant and is designed to work under high loads, including movement over uneven surfaces and over long distance.

The trolley is equipped with safety elements in the corners, reflective elements and information plate.

Protective covering of base parts - hot zinc.


Lifting capacity 1500 kg
Cart dimensional size 2975(3560)х1710mm
Turning platform size 1810х1710 mm
Total rollers 24шт.
Roller diameter Ø57mm
Container allowed to transport  LD-1 / LD-2 / LD-3
Wheel base 4.00х8 суперэластик
Max speed 25 km/h
Protective covering Hot zink