Production of ground support
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Production of ground support
airport equipment



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Maintenance ladders FSA -I-2730-9

Maintenance ladders FSA -I-2730-9 series designed for designed to provide access to aircraft points and assemblies, situated at great altitude.

The ladder has a modular mechanism. It consists from base platform, fixed ladder, and upper platform, without additional lifting mechanism and hydraulic drives.

Maintenance ladders series  FSA -I-2730-9 is equipped with driving lever for ladder movement and transportation to the working zone.

Ladder march has a number of steps, covered with a metal sheet with perforations.          

The number of steps and the structure of the working platform varies depending on the model of the ladder. Also, depending on the modification, the taller ladders are equipped with a platform guard, side rails and outriggers for safe work at high altitude.

The stepladder is equipped with struts and supports to provide stability and can withstand a static load of 150 kg.

For the convenience of transportation, each model of the ladder is equipped with wheels of f200mm with elastic rubber coating.

Step-ladder  FSA -I-2730-9 has a protective anticorrosion coating in 2 layers - the first layer - the primer GF-021, the 2nd layer - the alkyd enamel PF-115 orange.

Stepladders are equipped with light-reflecting elements.


Предлагаемые модели:
Тип Высота Ступени
СА-I-1500-5 1500 мм 5
СА-I-2300-7 2300 мм 7
СА-I-2730-9 2730 мм 9
СА-I-3000-9 3000 мм 9
Technical characterictics:
Height Hmin 2050 mm
Height Hmax 2730 mm
Base width 1790 mm
Base length 3700 mm
Work platform size 2000х900 mm
Stair size 620х190 mm
Stair step length 300 mm
Wheel type wholecasted
Total wheels 3
Wheel diametr Ø180 mm
Static loading 150-200 kg
Towing speed 20 km/h
Protective covering enamel