Production of ground support
airport equipment

Production of ground support
airport equipment

Passenger ladder Pt-2438-PP

Passenger ladder Pt-2438-PP

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Passenger ladder PT2438-PP

Passenger stair ladder PT2438-PP-03 is designed for convenient entry and exit from the aircraft, through the doors with doorstep with approximate height from +1,8 m and up to +3,8 m, measuring from the airport ground surface.

Ladder is manufactured according to technical and climatic conditions and is suitable for working in conditions with average temperatures from – 40°С to +40°С.

The frame of PT2438-PP ladder is constructed of U-shaped steel profiles, which provides great durability reserve for whole construction and passenger safety.

PT2438-PP-03 ladder is based on a platform on four wheels - two rigidly fixed from the side of the upper platform, on the ladder side the platform rests on a swivel carriage with a drawbar, through which the gangway is transported to the aircraft. Wheels-4.00.8, pneumatic type.

Each PT2438-PP-03 ladder also is produced with four hydraulic stabilizers (outriggers), hydraulic cylinders of the stairwell rise, hydrostation, lighting control panel, battery box and rechargeable battery 12V, 100Ah.

The drive of ladder rising mechanism and outrigger positioning – hydraulic type, enacted from hand pump

To prevent spontaneous lowering, ladder is equipped with two protection levels:

  • hydrolocks in hydraulic system units
  • mechanical clamps;

Stair illumination of the doorway of the aircraft when it is connected to the ladder is provided by 100Ah battery.

 Protective covering of ladders and platform:

  • Antislipp protection(corrugated aluminum sheet);
  • Handrails - metalic, covered with plastic;
  • Main ladder parts - hot zinc, white enamel coloring according to RAL 9003.

The guardrails of ladder PT2438-PP-03 and the top platform are protected by sheet with a polymer coating layer.

Reflective elements - normally.

Hydrostation, appliances, battery - can be equipped in the boxes located on the lower platform.


Full length:  
- platform lowered 7715 mm
- platform raised 6645mm
- ladder width 2430mm
Work height:  
- Max 3800 mm
- Min 1800 mm
Platform dimensional size 1750х2300х805 mm
Total steps 15+2
Max preasure allowed:  
- steps 190 kg (2 persons)
- top platform 665 kg(7 persons)
- total on ladder, less than 23 persons
Step inclination angle:  
- raised 40°
- lowered 13°
Draging speed 15 km/h
Wind resistance up to 90 km/h
Full weight 1500kg