Production of ground support
airport equipment

Production of ground support
airport equipment

Slave pallet SP-7000

Slave pallet SP-7000

Base ID: sp_7000
Slave pallet SP-7000

The slave palette is used as an aid to loading standard packaging equipment (ULD), namely aircraft pallets and containers.

Narrow Edge Loading, longitudinal transportation.


  • The maximum overall size of the standard means of packing (ULD) placed on a table: length - 3175 mm, width - 2438 mm.
  • The length of the table is 3300 mm
  • Width of a table - 2660 mm
  • Load capacity - 6800 kg
  • Number of rollers - 36
  • The diameter of the roller is 89 mm
  • The width of the roller is 505 mm
  • Number of roller rows - 3
  • Number of videos in a row - 12
  • The height of the side guide is 60 mm above the upper edge of the roller
  • Working height of a table - 270 mm to the top edge of a roller
  • The total height of the pallet table is 320 mm to the upper edge of the side guide
  • Ground clearance - 144 mm to the lower level of the table platform
  • The height of the ULD clamp is 120 mm from the upper level of the table platform
  • The width of the guide frame for the forklift is 385 mm

The slave palette with non-driven rollers complies with the IATA AHM 911 directive.

It is possible to transport both with forklifts and loaders of the Donkey type, and container-pallet trucks. For the latter, there are special frames that are installed on the four sides of the pallet table to secure them to the forks of the loader. which prevents the table from falling off the forks of the loader.

In addition, there are connecting clamps for connecting pallet tables into a roller line.

The size of the roller provides easy movement of standard packaging tools (ULD). Fastening of rollers provides their reliable fixing at operation and a possibility of simple replacement at repair.

Necessary clamps for transportation of standard means of packing (ULD) - two clamps on both narrow parties are provided. The design of clamps of pallets prevents self-opening of a clamp when transporting a pallet table by the loader

Protective coating of the pallet table structure: painting, rollers – hot zink.

Additional equipment:

  • - two rollers assembled on one pallet table.